About me

My work is inspired by my personal struggles with anxiety and depression. Three years ago, with the support of my husband, I began taking painting lessons with an artist friend in Brooklyn and discovered art was not only therapeutic but moreover people responded to my work. Galleries also began taking notice and my art has been shown at The Fearless Artist/Art Basel 2016, Miami, FL; Greenpoint Gallery, Brooklyn, NY; Hennepin County Medical Center, Minneapolis, MN; and Bridge Gallery, Dept. of Psychiatry, Rochester, NY.

I had a solo show at Gallery 38 in Los Angeles titled "Behind the Mask"

While I uses art as therapy, releasing my anxieties and expressing my emotions creatively onto the canvas where they take form, I am able to vividly capture the physical expression of the inner pain of mental health and addiction disorders.

Today I am happily married with a two year old daughter, and work full time. I use oils primarily, with some sketching and an occasional sculpture. Thanks to the medium of art, I don't view myself as suffering. Rather, I am actively engaged in a struggle with my negative emotions.